Video marketing can turn leads into interesting leads

It is estimated that by 2021, the average person watches over 100 minutes of online video every day. (1) The vast majority of that video consumption, says Maury Rogow, CMO of TheVideoBot and CEO of Hollywood’s Rip Media Group, is marketing. content. Big budget marketers try to yell at each other, Rogow says, which doesn’t work. This particularly fails, he notes, in the business-to-business sector, where the marketing targets are professionals already bombarded by cold calls.

Rather than increasing the volume, Rogow suggests that ROI-conscious B2B marketers combine micro-targeting with personalized video. “The goal,” he says, “is to reach a certain person with a certain message. A personalized video message is the best and most cost effective way to do this right now. “

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Users of this new technology, says Rogow, say it is significantly more effective than conventional email campaigns. According to Rogow, a recent user in the apparel industry, for example, sent personalized messages to an aging and unproductive prospect mailing list and saw a 400% increase in responses and four new sales. A B2B company in the service industry reported a more than 300% increase in response rates and actionable leads. A nonprofit women’s empowerment group that submitted 20,000 personalized videos reported a 400% increase in engagement. “These results,” Rogow says, “clearly indicate that personalized video can turn cold data into exciting new perspectives.”

According to Rogow, the key to a video’s effectiveness is its uniqueness. You can choose the outgoing message according to the recipient’s statistics (function, area of ​​specialization, etc.) and position the messaging system to set up the next level of contact: placing an order, a scheduled appointment, a demonstration page of the site, whatever the desired action might be. The platform personalizes content in the same way for each recipient on the merchant’s prospect mailing list. “It’s about sending the right video at the right time to the right customer,” he adds.

“Any opportunity to turn your cold data list into a hot lead list is something every marketer, whether B2B or B2C, should skip. Taking the top of the funnel leads to a closed deal with the use of personalized video also goes a long way in building loyalty with your base and beyond, ”says Rogow. “Not to mention, it allows SMEs and SMEs to do the same thing as large businesses – and with the same results – for a fraction of the cost.”

Using a custom video solution, he adds, is both reasonably inexpensive – current subscription prices are around $ 40 per month, or $ 300 per year – and it’s very easy. use. “It doesn’t require a lot of training,” he says, “and it takes about 20 seconds. Just insert the text, customer logo, name and you’re good to go.

By combining micro-targeting — targeting a very specific audience message to a pre-selected recipient — a personalized video message allows small businesses to realize a very large return on a low investment. “Especially in the B2B space,” says Rogow, “companies find it difficult to grow without going broke in the process”.

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