What are the different ways you can leverage influencer marketing outside of content creation?

  • Shuchi Sethi, Head of India – AnyTag, POKKT write how influencer marketing is becoming ubiquitous today.
  • She shares how we can leverage influencer marketing beyond content creation including influencers in product development and marketing ideation.

Influencer marketing is everywhere these days. Whether you log on to Instagram or YouTube, you’ll find tons of examples of brands using influencers to reach new audiences. From big brand launches to small niche brand awareness campaigns, influencer marketing has a big role to play.

While influencer marketing is not a new phenomenon, it is evolving faster than any other form of marketing. Smart brands and agencies know that the trick to effectively partnering with an influencer doesn’t just depend on their number of followers. Nonetheless, the key is to leverage the organic influence of top thought leaders to create strong engagement between their followers and your brand.

The best advice in the midst of the pandemic

Right now, when people work from home, maintain their social distance, and try to minimize their outdoor visits, influencer marketing can be useful for businesses to engage with their audience and influence them to buy their products and services. Since physical purchases have been hit hard, people are more inclined to buy products online or through social media. Consumers would be more interested than ever in listening to influencers and trying their suggested / promoted products. Influencers can bring more authenticity and creativity to these programs and can also provide insight into what they think will resonate more with your target audience.

Ways to Leverage Influencer Marketing Beyond Content Creation

Include influencers in product development and marketing ideation

Influencers can get involved in product development to create original products that will appeal to your brand’s customers and influencer followers. You need to focus on genuine, zealous content creators with small but loyal followers. They are regular people who interact closely with their audience and produce content relevant to their area of ​​interest. These people are called ‘micro-influencers’ who get decent social media following. Micro-influencers are loyal to their audience, and as a result, authenticity improves.

These influencers are well versed in the products and trends in your industry, providing insightful insight into what your target consumers are looking for and would be willing to pay. You can learn a lot from these influencers. Their knowledge can be used to expand your marketing initiatives and make them more effective. Daniel Wellington is a watch brand that does not do traditional advertising and is often featured by fashion and style bloggers. In order to reach a wider audience, the brand has identified influencers from different styles and niches.

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Coca-Cola enjoys long-term relationships with micro-influencers such as Miette Dierckx, a travel and food micro-influencer with over 35,000 followers. She’s been creating content for their heirloom soda brand for several years now. She regularly posts pictures of herself with a coke in her hand. Long-term influencer relationships are a great way to build reach and engagement over time.

What are the different ways you can leverage influencer marketing outside of content creation?

Source- @miettedierckx

Another such example is that of the travel micro-influencer – Yannick Merckx who includes Coca-Cola in his travels around the world. He has nearly 48,000 subscribers with whom he frequently shares photos of either putting on a Coca Cola sweater, taking a sip of Coca-Cola or holding items from recycled Coke cans.

What are the different ways you can leverage influencer marketing outside of content creation?

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Cause Marketing

Influencers can help you promote a cause that will resonate with your audience. Cause marketing is similar to corporate social responsibility, but with the dual purpose of increasing profitability while improving society.

The Mahindra #SeedTheRise campaign was a huge digital crowdfunding campaign to improve the lives of Indian farmers. SeedTheRise was successful in raising digital donations amounting to INR 1 crore. The campaign began with a fundraising appeal film made with Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is himself the son of a farmer. This money will be used to improve the lives of farmers and their families so as to provide alternative livelihoods, educate their daughters and help them modernize agriculture. You can watch the movie here:

#NotAshamed by TLLLF Foundation – The Live Love Laugh Foundation was established in 2015 by Deepika Padukone to champion the cause of mental health in India, with a focus on depression, stress and anxiety. On World Mental Health Day, TLLLF launched a global campaign to get people to share their mental health stories using #NotAshamed to reduce stigma. One of the survivors who took part in the campaign was Deepika herself. Such campaigns backed by a social influencer like Deepika have the potential to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and bring it to the fore.

Narrative test

Influencers can help you identify the right story / message to drive the goals of a given campaign. You can test stories to see which one would provide the desired outcome. One influencer can use a particular story while the other can focus on a completely different story, and then you can check the effectiveness of one against the other. For example, if you want to test which story would lead to an increase in purchase ticket size, you can use one influencer to champion the long-term benefits of your product and the other to focus on the immediate benefits. You can evaluate the outcome of both stories and choose accordingly.

Gifts and contests

Influencers organize giveaways and contests in association with brands. In such contests and giveaways, people are required to follow certain guidelines such as liking a post or comment, tagging people, or following a page. Such activities improve brand awareness and increase visibility with your target audience.


Influencer marketing has proven to be an effective marketing technique time and time again. However, it doesn’t work alone but in tandem with content marketing and social media marketing. This includes curating highly engaging content, sharing strategically to reach more people, and engaging with audiences to build a relationship.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all influencer marketing strategy. You have to be prepared to take risks and try new things to see what works and what doesn’t for your brand. You can also use platforms like Anytag to discover, activate, manage, track, and assign influencer marketing activities that generate recurring revenue. AnyTag is one of the most comprehensive influencer marketing platforms out there, providing an integrated platform for influencer marketing and social media analytics.

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