Why Carbar goes all out on social marketing

Carbar, by its own admission, is a brand with a complex proposition.

The car subscription company has managed to grow its audience and brand awareness almost exclusively through digital channels, with significant growth throughout 2020 and through 2021.

“We have a complicated story to tell, and to tell it, we needed to nail our proposition, create a category, establish a new audience and educate them about our service,” said Kieron Wogan, Carbar’s chief marketing officer. CMO.

“When I started with Carbar the company was trying to do a lot of things but wasn’t really clear on what was working and why. We did our marketing research, identified audiences and rather than doing a lot of mediocre things, we agreed to focus on a few channels and do them well.

Supported by IAG, Carbar developed a social first approach, which gave the startup valuable tools in its marketing kit. “We have identified social as the key channel to grab attention, start building the brand and warming prospects. It would allow us to challenge category norms, do things differently while testing and refining our message to quickly find out what works and what doesn’t, ”Wogan said.

“To do this well, we needed channel-fit creatives and platform-savvy specialists so that we could bring in the right media thinking with creative best practices. We partnered with Connecting Plots and grew our subscriber base by over 900% that year. ”

Wogan explained that, for Carbar, social allows him to effectively reach his target audience. The organization added improvements in artificial intelligence (AI), but found that broad targeting is more effective than narrow targeting. “It means we can reach more people for less,” he noted.

But it’s not just a question of scope. “AI also allows us to focus on engaging and crafting diverse creative sets with multiple goals to quickly learn what message resonates with each audience, adapt and iterate based on the lessons. “

To effectively measure social strategies, the brand has invested heavily in its data and technology capabilities. “We review performance on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis with a focus on interest, demand, acquisition cost and lifetime value,” said Wogan.

By focusing on a few channels, Carbar’s marketing team can turn campaigns on and off or drive spend to see the impact on leads and sales.

“We use social media to introduce and influence, so we’re looking at a variety of different metrics, some of the main ones being the effectiveness of our reach through CPMs, the cost of driving traffic to the website, and the cost of driving traffic to the website. lead conversion, ”continued Wogan.

To perfect his proposition, Carbar has done a lot of customer research from qualitative interviews to internal and external surveys about what appeals and what are the pain points for his clientele. Two key desires continue to surface in the auto subscription groups: A desire for a flexible life and financial stability.

“Thanks to our surveys and social tests, we have found that the messages lead with flexibility [no commitment], the commodity [all-inclusive costs] and simplicity [simple weekly payment] resonate best with prospects, ”explained Wogan.

Develop creative messaging

Carbar has three key pillars that are part of his creative brief each month. “We try quarterly to survey our customers and our leaders in various areas of the business. This information is shared with our team and partners and included in briefs, ”explained Wogan.

“We take a look at the top performing creatives, create variations, and add new posts to the mix. Every month, every campaign we plan to beat our best with a new and improved set of creatives. We often find that fatigue or fatigue. Creative decomposition is slower than we think. For example, one of our creations has been part of our best performing campaign for almost a year. “

The next goal is to test and learn on all channels and to glean a variety of ideas from all activities.

“Obviously, each channel has its role to play and some complement each other. We have and are currently using creative learnings from social media in other channels. We have used it to research with some success and align. messages in our lead management and CRM programs, ”Wogan said.

Carbar is very clear about its desire to appeal to a certain segment of customers – those who want to simplify car ownership, have flexibility and cost certainty.

“We will continue to drive and amplify our early digital and customer strategies and apply the lessons learned as we make the long journey to effectively scale our business over the next few years,” added Wogan.

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