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It’s farming Editor-in-Chief Catherina Cunnane in conversation with Anne Eviston (27) in this week’s Career Focus segment. We discuss his dairy roots, studying dairy business at UCD, a stint at Glanbia and jumping into the world of digital marketing with Green Acre Marketing.

“I come from the small parish of Loughmore, Castleiney, in the middle of Tipperary, and currently live with my partner, Michael Meagher, on his tillage farm in Grangemockler, south Tipperary.

My father, Conor, is the seventh generation of Evistons to operate our 82 acre farm in Clonomoocogue. His father, William, and his mother, Nancy, cultivated it before him.

We’ve had a few pigs, a few lambs and ponies and horses over the years. They had 4 acres of corn, 4 acres of beets, because there was a beet factory in Thurles at the time, and 2 acres of potatoes that my grandfather sold to stores in Thurles.

My dad now runs a herd of 65 spring calving cows. The herd consists mainly of British Friesian cows and he raises all of his own replacement heifers on the farm. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to farming.

He operates the small herd to a high standard, and last year the herd produced an average of 535 kg/DM/cow. The farm produced 13.5 t/DM/ha in 2021.

My dad, Conor, runs the farm with help from my mom, Peggy, in the spring. Myself, my sisters and my brother help where and when needed too.

Dairy Business Diploma and Glanbia Graduate Program

– Advertising –

I graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in dairy business. I started in 2014 and graduated in 2018.

Like most people, I thought about being a teacher, but probably for the wrong reasons. I also considered a career in business, but the dairy industry combined agriculture and business, so it was an obvious choice.

I was really happy with this course as it offered a good mix of agricultural and business science as well as hands-on work experience in New Zealand in 2016 where I spent six months on a 1000 m dairy farm. cows.

It was a great experience that taught me a lot and gave me a good sense of hard work, responsibility and opened my eyes to a beautiful part of the world

After graduating from UCD, I joined the Pure Ambition Graduate Program with Glanbia and worked as a support to the ruminant and branch teams for the first five months, then progressed to a permanent role as as ruminant sales manager.

I held this position for two years until I started my current role, Head of Communications at Green Acre Marketing, in July 2021.

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Current role

Green Acre Marketing provides marketing and public relations services specifically to the food and agribusiness industries.

Green Acre Marketing provides services at all levels of the marketing function helping companies refine their existing brand, develop a completely new image and brand, and develop effective marketing strategies.

The team is constantly learning and expanding their knowledge in all aspects of marketing and agriculture. We are currently looking for a new team member to help with some digital marketing.

For the most part, I develop and deliver content, implement communications strategies, manage websites, and keep up to date with current digital marketing trends, farming trends, and news.

In addition, I develop digital content and assist and animate video shoots. What I love most about this job is the variety – no two days are alike.

I work in the office two days a week and at home three days. I also attend film shoots and events from time to time. It’s nice to go out and meet the client face to face.

It’s great to be in the office because we collaborate very well, but we are constantly in touch throughout the day when we are at home.

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A typical day in professional life

We have a team of five people here, and it’s an extremely collaborative environment. I work closely with our MD, Aileen Barron, on website management and redesign.

If I’m on a video shoot, it’s usually with Lisa Meyler, an account manager here. If I’m developing social media content, I work with Tom Sinnott, our digital content creator, but I work most closely with our senior account manager, Lisa Dunphy. We collaborate on a number of accounts and work together on content.

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and being new to the world of marketing was definitely a challenge, so keeping up with trends is a constant challenge.

I would say this position exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure about the change, but I had to do something. It was a huge leap of faith, which changed my career quite drastically.

Also, it was a huge leap of faith for Aileen and Green Acre Marketing to take me on, and I think it’s going well.

Switching to Green Acre Marketing was probably the highlight of my career to date.

It was a huge gamble to change the direction of my career, and it was a huge learning curve, but it definitely paid off I think.

I recently completed a course in digital marketing. Honestly, I learn daily from my colleagues.

I love photography and I have a drone that I like to spin around when my partner Michael is spreading, spraying, seeding or harvesting, so that’s something I’d like to improve on, but for me as much as for the work .

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Outside of work and farming, I play camogie and women’s soccer. I play camogie for Drom and Inch, and for the first year since I can remember we have a women’s football team at Loughmore Castleiney.

I haven’t played for Loughmore since I was thirteen, I was playing with the boys! In camogie we compete at a high level and currently hold three senior county titles in a row.

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My journey to where I am now, I guess, hasn’t been that easy. If you had asked me at around 17 what I expected to be doing in 10 years, this job wouldn’t even have crossed my mind.

I strongly believe in making your own luck; you have to be willing to put your head down to get something you want, whether it’s in your professional career, your athletic career, or your personal life.

I am happy where I am at the moment. I will keep my head down and learn as much as I can and try to bring more and more value to the Green Acre Marketing team.

To be successful in the agriculture industry, you have to work hard, stand out from the crowd, and be able to bring something different to an organization.

You should always keep an open mind; you never know what opportunities will arise. Put your head down, work hard and you’ll get the rewards.

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